Phot. Tomasz Tomaszewski


Malgorzata Hryniszyn is a photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. She is photojournalist and currently works on couple of long term projects on daily life and social issues. In photographed situations or daily life issues she searches for human emotions, metaphors and the evidence of human condition.

She learned photography from such masters in photojournalism as Tomasz Tomaszewski, Ed Kashi, etc.

In February 2018 she received Honorable Mention in International Photographer of the Year Photography Awards for project titled “Laski” in Photojournalism category.

In February 2018 she received Honorable Mention of International Photographer of the Year Photography Awards for story titled “Field” in Street category.

Moreover, she works as General Director in Polish interactive agency and is an author of many articles that were published in such titles as Harvard Business Review Poland and Polish newspapers and many magazines for instance Rzeczypospolita, Gazeta Finansowa, Miesiecznik Kapitalowy, Brief, Marketing w Praktyce, She is being invited as a speaker on conferences about marketing and design, runs workshops on marketing  and is being invited as an expert to TV and other major media in Poland.

Artistic statement

She believes that good photograph elicits either a strong emotional reaction or asks questions. She treats photography as a tool to spark the imagination and leverage empathy in the human heart and create change. She wishes to measure the success of her photography through effectiveness in changing situation or life of photographed people for the better.

Ebook photo portfolio. View online