We, humans

We, humans

Are you sure you need a car? Tabatinga, Brasil, 2016

Father and daughter, Lisboa, Portugal, 2017

Gypsy child, Thailand, 2017

Parents believe that black make up around eyes protects the eyes and prevents a child form being cursed by the evil eye. Bhaktapur, Nepal, 2017

Woman in the early morning is putting bindi – a red dot in the centre of the forehead. Bindi in Hinduism and Buddhism is associated with Ajna Chakra and represents the third eye chakra. The bindi is also said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. Bhaktapur, Nepal, 2017

Old woman in the backyard of her house in Bhaktapur, Nepal, 2017

Two man rest, Bogota, Colombia, 2017

Man on strike in Bogota, Columbia, 2017

Crowded tram in Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

Vultures above slums of Leticia, Colombia, 2016

In Amazon Jungle near Javari River, 2016

Woman is watching a funeral ceremony – cremation of the body, Katmandu, Nepal, 2017

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan, 2017

Mount Everest, Himalayas, 2017

Cemetery, Lisboa, Portugal, 2017

Mother and child in Cascais, Portugal, 2017

Monument of Saint Anthony, Lisboa, Portugal, 2017